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            Various projects I am involved in

This is a role-playing tabletop fantasy adventure game. I'm creating music and soundscapes to enhance the story-driven and environmental aspect of the project.

This is an indie video game being created by developers from Valencia, Spain. I'm working as composer and sound designer on the project.

Progressive dark rock band based out of Seattle. I write, sing and play guitar for this project. I also acted as recording and mixing engineer for the album, "Horizon Lost".

This is a mixed media theatre and short film project in Barcelona, Spain which sold out during it's first month of performance. I, along with other colleagues from the Berklee College of Music, wrote the music for this project.

I was the sound designer and composer for this project during the January, 2014 Gandia Global Game Jam. You can play the game from this link.

An animated short film by Britney Johnson. I composed the music for this project. It is yet to be released, but you can find out more here.



Obadiah Brown-Beach

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